CARIM - Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration

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The CARIM website constitutes a tool for information and communication, and is fed with data and contributions by experts of the countries studied. The CARIM Map provides quick access to this information for each of the countries covered.

Click on the map to view available CARIM publications and data on individual countries.

Recent Publications

A wide range of texts and data are regularly uploaded to the CARIM database. The Demographic and Economic module contains a wide range of statistics on migration and related phenomena

The CARIM Database explained

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The following have recently been added:

Tunisia - Tunisians residing abroad by country of residence, 2001 - 2009

Palestine - Israeli settlers in the oPt, 1983-2009

Morocco - Population residing in Morocco by country of nationality and level of education, 1994

Gender and Migration

CARIM has launched the new research topic: "Gender and Migration". Click here for more details and information on related events.

Highly-Skilled Migration

CARIM is currently publishing papers following research into Highly-Skilled Migration into, through and from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa. Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Migration Profiles

CARIM Migration Profiles provide an overview of demographic, economic, legal and sociopolitical aspects shaping migration in the country.
Click here for more information

Irregular Migration

CARIM has published 36 papers as a result of research into Irregular Migration in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries.
Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Circular Migration

CARIM has published 38 papers as a result of research into Circular migration in the Euro-Mediterranean area. Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Iraqi refugees

CARIM has just published 10 papers on Iraqi Refugees in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey. Click on the link to view the papers.

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