CARIM - Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration

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European Economy Study carried out by the European University Institute (RSCAS) for the
European Commission (DG ECFIN and DG Employment)
Tender Nº ECFIN/D/2008/036.

Scientific Director: Philippe Fargues
Project Coordinator: Iván Martín

Published in European Economy. Occasional Papers nº 60.
May 2010. Brussels. 3 Volumes.
(ISBN: 978-92-79-15073-9 ISSN: 1725-3195)

Executive Summary of the Final Report:

In English:

In Arabic:

Vol. 1. (205 pages), Final Report and Thematic Background Papers

- Final Report: “Labour Markets Performance and Migration Flows in Arab Mediterranean
Countries. A Regional Perspective » (Iván Martín)
- Thematic Background Paper: “The Impact of Migration on Labour Markets in Arab
Mediterranean Countries: A Bibliographical Review” (Francesca Marchetta)
- Thematic Background Paper: “EU Migration Policy Towards Arab Mediterranean Markets
and its Impact on Their Labour Markets” (Alessandra Venturini, Tamirace Fakhoury and
Nathalie Jouant)

Vol. 2. (222 pages, in French), National Background Papers Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia)

- Morocco (Larabi Jaidi)
- Algeria (Rafik Bouklia-Hassane and Fatiha Talahite)
- Tunisia (Azzam Mahjoub)

Vol. 3. (248 pages), National Background Papers Mashreq (Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria)

- Egypt (Jackline Wahba)
- Palestine (Mustafa Khawaja and Mohammad Omari)
- Jordan (Ibrahim Saif and Thoraya El-Rayyes)
- Lebanon (Jad Chaaban)
- Syria (Samir Aita)

Gender and Migration

CARIM has launched the new research topic: "Gender and Migration". Click here for more details and information on related events.

Highly-Skilled Migration

CARIM is currently publishing papers following research into Highly-Skilled Migration into, through and from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa. Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Migration Profiles

CARIM Migration Profiles provide an overview of demographic, economic, legal and sociopolitical aspects shaping migration in the country.
Click here for more information

Irregular Migration

CARIM has published 36 papers as a result of research into Irregular Migration in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries.
Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Circular Migration

CARIM has published 38 papers as a result of research into Circular migration in the Euro-Mediterranean area. Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Iraqi refugees

CARIM has just published 10 papers on Iraqi Refugees in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey. Click on the link to view the papers.

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