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Research Reports

Border Management in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries


Hocine Labdelaoui, La gestion des frontières en Algérie (2008)


Khadija Elmadmad, La gestion des frontières au Maroc (2007)


Leena Abu-Mukh, Movement to and from the Palestinian Territories under Israeli Occupation after Oslo (1993-2006) (2006)


Kemal Kirişci, Border Management and EU-Turkish Relations: Convergence or Deadlock (2007)


Jean-Pierre Cassarino, Approaching Borders and Frontiers: Notions and Implications (2006)

Diasporas and countries of origin


Hocine Khelfaoui, La diaspora algérienne en Amérique du Nord : une ressource pour son pays d’origine ? (2006)


Paul Tabar, Politics among Arab Migrants in Australia (2009)


Howaida Roman, Iraqi Refugees in Egypt: Socio-Political Aspects (2009)

Shahira Samy, The Impact of Civil Society on Refugee Politics in Egypt (2009)


Yinon Cohen, Size and Selectivity Patterns among Israeli Born Immigrants in OECD Countries (2009)

Haim Yacobi, African Refugees' Influx in Israel from a Socio-Political Perspective (2009)


Françoise De Bel Air, Iraqis in Jordan since 2003: What Socio-Political Stakes? (2009)


Abderrahman El Yessa, Le retour des réfugiés mauritaniens au Sénégal et au Mali, vingt ans après la crise de 1989 (2009)


Abdelkrim Belguendouz, Le Conseil de la communauté marocaine à l'étranger. Une nouvelle institution en débat (2009)

Abdelkrim Belguendouz, Le nouveau ministère chargé de la Communauté marocaine résidant à l'étranger: quelle stratégie ? (2009)

Abdelkrim Belguendouz, Le traitement institutionnel de la relation entre les Marocains résidant à l’étranger et le Maroc (2006)


Jamil Hilal, Assessing the Impact of Migration on Palestinian Society in the West Bank and Gaza (2007)

Asem Khalil, Palestinian Nationality and Citizenship: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives (2007)

Asem Khalil, Palestinian Refugees in Arab States: A Rights-Based Approach (2009)

Southern and Eastern Mediterranean

Mohammed Y. Olwan, Iraqi Refugees in Neighboring Countries: A New Forced Protracted Displacement in the Region (2009)

Migration, Transfers and Development in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries


Ali Ben Saâd, Les migrations subsahariennes en Algérie (2008)


Heba Nassar, Migration and Financial Flows: Egypt in the MENA Region (2009)

Heba Nassar, Migration, Transfer and Development in Egypt (2005)

Ayman Zohry, The Migratory Patterns of Egyptians in Italy and France (2009)

European Union

Ounia Doukouré & Helen Oger, The EC External Migration Policy: The Case of the MENA Countries (2007)


Guita G. Hourani & Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous, Insecurity, Migration and Return: The Case of Lebanon following the Summer 2006 War (2007)

Choghig Kasparian Minassian, Les jeunes Libanais face à l’émigration (2010) (161 KB)


Sidna Mohamed-Saleh, La migration des Mauritaniens et ses tendances récentes (2009)


Mohamed Khachani, Migration, Transfert et Développement au Maroc (2005)

Southern and Eastern Mediterranean

Elena Ambrosetti, The impact of the economic crisis on migrations flows between Italy and North Africa (2009)

Guido Boni, The Labour Market in the SEM Countries: a Legal Perspective (2009)


Habib Fourati, La crise financière mondiale: quel impact sur l’avenir de la migration des Tunisiens en Italie ? (2009)


Ahmet Içduygu, International Migration System between Turkey and Russia: The Case of Project-Tied Migrant Workers in Moscow (2009)

Ibrahim Kaya, Reform in Turkish Asylum Law: adopting the EU acquis? (2009)

Kemal Kirişci, "Three Way Approach" to Meeting the Challenges of Migrant Incorporation in the European Union: Reflections from a Turkish Perspective (2008)

Kemal Kirişci, Mirage or Reality: Post-National Turkey and its Implication for Immigration (2009)

Transit Migration in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries


Howaida Roman, Transit migration in Egypt (2006)


Fadia Kiwan, La migration de transit au Liban (2009)


Mehdi Lahlou, Les migrations irrégulières entre le Maghreb et l'Union européenne: évolutions récentes (2005)

Southern and Eastern Mediterranean

Roberto Pitea, Transit Migration: Challenges in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon (2010) (386 KB)


Ahmet Içduygu, The Labour Dimensions of Irregular Migration in Turkey (2006)

Ahmet Içduygu, Transit Migration in Turkey: Trends, Patterns, and Issues (2005)

Gender and Migration

CARIM has launched the new research topic: "Gender and Migration". Click here for more details and information on related events.

Highly-Skilled Migration

CARIM is currently publishing papers following research into Highly-Skilled Migration into, through and from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa. Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Migration Profiles

CARIM Migration Profiles provide an overview of demographic, economic, legal and sociopolitical aspects shaping migration in the country.
Click here for more information

Irregular Migration

CARIM has published 36 papers as a result of research into Irregular Migration in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries.
Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Circular Migration

CARIM has published 38 papers as a result of research into Circular migration in the Euro-Mediterranean area. Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Iraqi refugees

CARIM has just published 10 papers on Iraqi Refugees in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey. Click on the link to view the papers.

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