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Regional declarations

  2008  "Joint declaration on women migrant's condition in the euro-Mediterranean partnership" from the Democratic Association of Women from Morocco (ADFM), the Association of the Tunisian Women for Research on Development, and the Association of Women from Southern Europe (AFEM), October, 15 2008 (fr)

  2008  African Parliamentary Conference entitled “Africa and Migration : Challenges, problems and solutions”, African Parliamentary Union, Rabat, Morocco, 22-24 May 2008 (fr)

  2008  Arab League Document: Recommendations of the Council of Arab Ministries in charge of Migration, 18.2.2008 (ar)

  2008  Excerpt on migration taken from the Sixth Foreign Affairs Ministerial meeting of the countries of the Western Mediterranean, 5+5 Dialogue, Rabat, January 21st, 2008 (en)

  2008  Meeting of Arab Ministers in charge of Emigration and Nationals abroad, Arab League Headquarters, Cairo, February 18, 2008 (ar)

  2008  Ministerial Conclusions in the framework of the Ministerial Conference of the 5+5 Dialogue in the Western Mediterranean, Évora, 26-27 May 2008 (fr)

  2008  Paris Summit organised in the framework of the 'Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean' (Paris,13 July 2008), Final Declaration in Marseille, 3-4 November 2008 (fr)

  2008  Second Euro-African Ministerial Conference on Migration and Development, Paris, November 2008 (fr) (fr)

  2007  Joint NGO Statement on Iraqi Refugee Needs before the Convening of the July 26th Regional Conference in Amman, July 2007 (en)

  2006  Euro-African partnership for Migration and Development: Rabat Declaration (2006) (en)

  2006  Joint Africa-EU Declaration on Migration and Development-Tripoli (2006) (en)

  2006  Rapport et Conclusions, séminaire tripartite sous-régional sur les mouvement migratoires entre l'Afrique sub-saharienne, le Maghreb et l'Europe, avril 2006, Rabat (fr)

  2005  Compte rendu et propositions, premier séminaire tripartite sous-régional sur la migration de main-d’oeuvre et le renforcement des capacités au Maghreb, Alger, avril 2005 (fr)

  2005  Compte rendu narratif, deuxième séminaire tripartite sous-régional sur la migration de main d’oeuvre et la migration développement au Maghreb, Tunis, septembre 2005 (fr)

  2004  Déclaration de Tunis après la rencontre des organisations syndicales des capitales des pays maghrébins et celles du sud de l’Europe, réunies en conférence sur le thème « Le flux migratoire maghrébin en Europe du sud : quelles retombées sur le développement et l’emploi dans les deux rives de la Méditerranée ? » , Tunis, octobre 2004 (fr)

  2004  Déclaration finale, séminaire syndical, 'Les travailleurs maghrébins migrants en Europe: défense des droits et actions pour une intégration durable dans les pays d'accueil', Union syndicale des Travailleurs du Maghreb Arabe, mai 2004, Tunis (fr)

  2002  The Arab Peace Initiative, peace plan adopted by the Arab summit (linked to the issue of Palestinian refugees), Beirut, 2002 (en)

  2001  The Rabat Declaration on the Rights of Palestinian Refugees, Future of the Palestinian Refugees under the Current Political Settlement, The Third International Conference of the Human Rights Movement in the Arab World, February 2001 (en)

  -  Arab League Document, Common Project for the Organisation of People's Road Transport between and through Arab Countries (ar)

Regional documentation

  2008  Summary of a Study on Brain Drain in the Arab Countries presented at the Cairo Meeting of Arab Ministries in charge of migration in February 2008, Source: Moroccan Daily Al Masaa (The Evening), 25.2.2008 (ar)

  2006  Preparatory meeting, Second ECOWAS forum of the Ministers for Social Development, Paris, 23 November 2006 (fr)

  -  Report on the Activities of the Observatory of International Migration in the Arab Region (OIMAR) (en)

Gender and Migration

CARIM has launched the new research topic: "Gender and Migration". Click here for more details and information on related events.

Highly-Skilled Migration

CARIM is currently publishing papers following research into Highly-Skilled Migration into, through and from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa. Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Migration Profiles

CARIM Migration Profiles provide an overview of demographic, economic, legal and sociopolitical aspects shaping migration in the country.
Click here for more information

Irregular Migration

CARIM has published 36 papers as a result of research into Irregular Migration in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries.
Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Circular Migration

CARIM has published 38 papers as a result of research into Circular migration in the Euro-Mediterranean area. Click on the link to view the papers in the series.

Iraqi refugees

CARIM has just published 10 papers on Iraqi Refugees in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey. Click on the link to view the papers.

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