CARIM - Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration

Socio-political module


The socio-political module tackles determinant political and social factors shaping migration patterns , flows, and dynamics in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEM) and Sub-Saharan (SSA) countries. It particularly sheds light on the following overarching aspects:

  • Governmental and institutional policy-making in the domains of emigration and immigration;
  • The modes of political discourse in migration;
  • How state and non-state actors affect  and shape  migration policy-making;
  • State interests and imperatives in the realms of emigration and immigration;
  • The value orientations and programmes of different  non-state actors in the field of migration;
  • The repercussions of regional and international political contexts on migratory trends in the region;
  • How migration is impacted by the notion of the state and governance systems in the SEM and SSA regions;
  • How migratory trends have themselves  affected the understanding of the state in the SEM and SSA regions.

General structure

The module has a database which contains original references to institutions operating in the domain of international migration at the national level, and original documents reflecting migration policies, discourses of governments and non-state actors in the SEM and SSA countries. These documents, which are either country-specific, regional or multilateral, help define the political and social environment of policy-making in the domains of immigration and emigration.

Notes provide analyses and syntheses on the institutional framework, the content of migration related policies and contextual socio-political factors impacting migration in SEM and SSA countries.  Furthermore,  research reports provide insight into fundamental political and social parameters fashioning migration trends and policy-making in the SEM and SSA contexts.These reports are either country-specific or based on a cross-comparative perspective.

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Analyses and Syntheses

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