Title Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area, between the Government of the State of Israel and the PLO

Date of adoption



4 May 1994


Entry into force



4 May 1994

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Relations between Israel and the Arab countries on her borders are basic issues which have bearing on all Israeli policies, including migration. In addition, the issue of Palestinian Refugees is raised in the peace treaty between Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan. For these reasons, links to two peace treaties have been included in this database. Annex 4 of the 1994 Jericho and Gaza agreement between Israel and the PLO contains provisions regarding entry, taxation and Social Security coverage for Palestinian workers employed in Israel and therefore a link to this treaty has also been included. It should be noted that pursuant to the Jericho Gaza Agreement, Israeli employers of Palestinians are obligated to pay a special “equalization deduction” above the salary paid to the work. As per the agreement, these additional sums paid by employers of Palestinian workers are deposited temporarily in a bank fund in Israel, and are to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority after the creation of a Palestinian Social Security System.