Title Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation

Date of adoption



9 March 1994


Entry into force




Text versions English


Official source: Sefer Ha-Chukkim No. 1454 of 10 March 1994



Guarantees every Israel national or resident’s “right to engage in any occupation, profession or trade”. Any violation of this right shall be “by a law befitting the values of the State of Israel, enacted for a proper purpose, and to an extent no greater than is required.”


This Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation repeals and replaces the former Basic Law on freedom of occupation, enacted in 1992


  • 2. The purpose of this Basic Law if to protect freedom of occupation, in order to establish in a Basic Law the values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.
  • 5. All governmental authorities are bound to respect the freedom of occupation of all Israel nationals and residents.