Title By-law n° 3 of 1997 on visas

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According to this by-law, and taking into consideration the agreements concluded between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and other States, there will be two types of visas: 1. a single or multiple entry visa; 2. a single or multiple transit visas. Entry or transits visas must be valid for a period of time that does not exceed two months and it must be issued by the Ministry of Interior. Visas issued by the Jordanian diplomatic missions abroad are valid for a period of one month from the date of their issuance (Article 3). Transit visas will be granted for a period of seventy two hours, starting on the date of entry to the Kingdom (Article 4). Reasons for granting a visa will be determined according to the reasons provided by the applicant (Article 5). Applicants to any type of visa must meet the following conditions: 1. He must submit a visa application; 2. he must possess a passport or travel document which is valid and recognized by the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Article 6). The following are exempted from the fees for obtaining visas: A. diplomats and consuls of States recognized by the Kingdom’s government and their families; B. Employees of international organizations who hold passports issued by the United Nations or any of its agencies; C. Any person whom the head of a Jordanian diplomatic mission wishes to exempt from the application fees in order to uphold international courtesies, or for humanitarian reasons, or for political asylum rights, or in order to apply the reciprocity principle, or for any reason the Minister sees fit. The Minister of Interior’s decision is considered final (Article 7). Visa application fees will be determined in accordance with the reciprocity principle and they will be collected according to the rules and stipulations issued by the Ministry of Interior (Article 8).