Title By-Law n°89 governing the employment of Non-Jordanian Domestic Workers by the private recruitment agencies

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This new Law regulates and streamlines the work of the recruitment agencies of foreign workers. Article (3) of the by Law stipulates that recruitment offices must be Jordanian limited liability companies with a registered capital of no less than JD 50.000, and with roles limited to acting as middleman in the recruitment of domestic helpers.

The By Law also requires each recruitment agency to provides the Ministry with a JD 100.000 bank guarantee (about 150.000 American Dollars) to be at the Minister’s disposal in case the office fails to fulfill its financial obligation to the domestic workers, they bring into country, a measure that formerly required court approval.

The new by Law issued in accordance with paragraph (c) of article (10) of Labor Law No. (8) for the Year 1996 imposes stiff penalties on violators and increase the effectiveness of the Labor Ministry control and supervision. The license of recruitment agency violating the human rights of domestic workers may be withdrawn. The violations include the recruitment of domestic workers less than the required age, the exploitation of these workers and the inhuman treatment of them and their transfer in an illegal manner to other countries.