Title By-Law n°90 governing Domestic Workers, Gardeners, Home cook and persons of similar status

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Labor Law protections were recently extended to domestic workers and this is according to law No. (48) for the year 2009. Accordingly a new by law is adopted in 2009. Under the new by law the domestic workers are entitled to religious freedom, health care, (10) hours work days, a day off per week and an annual vacation of fourteen days. The by law stipulates that employers are required to pay for their domestic helpers work permit and the issuance of a residency permit. They are also entitled to be in contact with their families in their homeland at least once a month at employer’s expense, as well as decent living conditions. The by law prohibits an employer form taking a domestic workers abroad without her consent and without informing the worker’s embassy. These new rules are designed to protect the right of domestic workers in accordance with international human rights standards. They correspond to the above mentioned recent amendment to the labor law.

It is unclear to what extent these measures have been enforced in practice. Migrant domestic workers are still vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.