Title Decision No. 621/1 in 1995 on occupations reserved to Lebanese nationals

Date of adoption



15 December 1995


Entry into force




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Article 1 and 2 of the 1995 decision contain lists of occupations reserved for Lebanese citizens:


  • Article 1

The understated jobs and professions are restricted to Lebanese citizens only:



All type of administration and banking jobs, especially: general manager, manager, deputy manager, staff manager, treasury, accountant, secretary, documentation, registry, computer, trade representative, marketing representative, trade consultant, workers supervisor, store manager, sales worker, exchange jobs, jeweler, laboratory, pharmacy and electrical workers, electronic, painting, glass fixing, mechanics and maintenance, doorman, concierge, guard, dyer, cook, butler, hairdresser, elementary/secondary and high school teachers, in case of need for foreign language teaching (foreigners are exempted), engineering in all specialties, landscape and land survey works. Priority should be given to Lebanese for all types of jobs and professions.


Business Owners:

Trade business (all categories), exchange, accounting, commission, engineering (all categories), contracting and building trades, jeweler, shoes and clothes manufacturing, furniture and related works, patisserie, printing and publishing, hairdresser, ironing and drying, car maintenance (smith works, mechanical, glass fixing, furniture and electricity). In any job that impedes the chances for Lebanese.


  • Article 2

Some foreigners are exempted from the obligations of the Decision of Article No. 8 of Decree No. 17561 dated September 19, 1964 (stipulating foreigners work) when it is applicable. Especially the following conditions, if the foreigner is:

1. Residing in Lebanon since birth,

2. of Lebanese origin or his/her mother is Lebanese

3. married to a Lebanese female for more than one year.


The minister is entitled to give final approval in any of the abovementioned



Decision No. 621/1 from 1995 lists a number of occupations reserved for Lebanese nationals as shown above. However, Article 2 also contains a provision that excludes some groups from the restrictions.

The exclusion of people residing in Lebanon since birth should in particular be applicable to the majority of Palestinians that are actually born in Lebanon and not in Palestine. Thus, it may seem that there are no formal obstacles preventing Palestinians born in Lebanon from

gaining work permits in the listed professions.