Title Law on Emigration and Egyptians Welfare Abroad – n° 111 of the Year 1983
 Date of adoption


 Entry into force


11 April 1984
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Official source:Ministry of Manpower and Emigration, Emigration Sector, 10 April 1984.


Notes on Law 111/1983 on Emigration and Egyptian Welfare


Article 8 of Law 111/1983 defined the “emigrant” as :” All Egyptian making permanent his/her ordinary residence abroad by acquiring the nationality of a foreign country, obtaining a permanent residence permit in it, having lived in it for a period of not less than ten years, or obtained an emigration permit from one of the countries of emigration”. The quality of a permanent emigrant shall be terminated in the following cases:


– If he/she does not travel to the country of emigration within six months from granting him/her the emigration permit.

– If he/she returns to reside in the homeland for a period exceeding one continuous year or 6 months if he is in the age of military service.

– Willingly decided not to emigrate.


Emigration could be:


Emigration from inside:

The citizen is a resident of Egypt and demands emigration to another country before his/her travel. In this case he/she applies directly to the Office of Passports and Emigration in Cairo to acquire the authorities permission.


Emigration from outside:

The citizen could be residing abroad on any reason other than emigration, such as tourism or study. He/she should demand changing his status to emigrant. In this case he/she should address the Egyptian Consulate to take the required procedures to acquire the permission of the Egyptian authorities.

Registration Procedures:

Registration could take place when the citizen comes to the consulate or by mail. The required documents are:-

Passport (or family passport if applicable), and all available birth certificates, military service certificate, personal ID, and keeping a photocopy of them in his/her file.


Registration Fees:

Registration is free in the first 6 months from receiving the application. After 6 months, 20 US dollars should be paid whether in cash or by check. Other services are also offered for free, noting that its not required for the person to be registered in order to receive other services offered by the consulate.