Title Foreign Workers Recruitment Regulation for the Year 2009

Date of adoption





Entry into force



16 September 2009

Text versions Arabic


Official source: Official Gazette of 16 September 2009



This new regulation went into force after its publication in the official Gazette on 16 September 2009. According to the regulation a ministry’s recruitment committee is established in order to examine the application of recruitment of foreign workers whether they are inside or outside Jordan.

Employers willing to recruit or to bring a foreign worker must submit an application for this purpose to the Ministry of Labor (MoL). The employer must also provide MoL with work contract.

Prospects foreign workers employers are required to provide a notary or a bank guarantee. The purpose of the guarantee is to protect the right of workers due to existing violations committed by some sponsors and agent with regard to foreign workers wages.

Foreign workers at the QIZs and domestic workers are excluded from the scope of application of the new regulations. These sectors are governed by separate rules.

The recruitment of foreign workers is based on the needs of the work market and the gradual replacement of Jordanian work force instead of foreign work force.

Under the regulation the recruitment of Egyptian is carried out in accordance to the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding that the Ministry of Labor signed with its Egyptian counterpart in March 2007.