Title Joint declaration establishing a Mobility Partnership between the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union and its Member States

Date of adoption



7 June 2013


Entry into force


Text versions English



Official source: DG Migration and Home Affairs http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/what-we-do/policies/international-affairs/southern-mediterranean/index_en.htm (English)

EU-Neighbourhood Library http://www.enpi-info.eu/library/content/eu-morocco-mobility-partnership (French)

A 2013 joint declaration establishing a mobility partnership between nine European Union Member States and Morocco, that establishes a set of political objectives and provides for a series of initiatives designed to ensure that the movement of persons is managed as effectively as possible. The measures provided for in the mobility partnership include negotiations between the EU and Morocco on an agreement for facilitating the issuing of visas for certain groups of people, particularly students, researchers and business professionals.

The present documents include the projects proposed by Member States to implement various aspects of the Partnership.

Previous negotiations conducted between the EU and Morocco on the management of migration include the Association Agreement of 2000, the Action Plan of 2005, the Advanced Status of October 2008.