Title Law 88/2005 on Entry, Residence, and Exit of Foreigners

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Law 89/1960 established the legal regime that governed the entry, residence, and exit of foreigners. The law came into force during the union between Egypt and Syria (United Arab Republic). According to this law, foreigners needed to have a passport (or equivalent) and visa to enter Egypt. These requirements could be waived by the Director of Immigration and Passport Control. Moreover, the law specifies the three different types of residence permits in Egypt and set the criteria for the expulsion of foreigners.


For all practical purposes, law 88/2005 is just an updated version of Law 89/1960. It changes the name of the ‘United Arab Republic’ to the ‘Arab Republic of Egypt’. However, two noticeable differences between both laws can be seen: (i) the change in the composition of the expulsion committee formed under Article 29 of both laws, and (ii) the exclusion of Palestinian refugees in the Northern District (ie. Syria) from the benefits of special residence (Article 18 both laws). This change is natural in light of the dissolution of the union between Egypt and Syria.