Title Law n° 90-11 of 21 April 1990 Relative to work relationships

Date of adoption



21 April 1990


Entry into force



25 April 1990

Text versions French


Official source: Official Journal of the Republic of Algeria 17 of 25 April 1990



Law n° 90-11 of 21 April 1990 Relative to work relationships (Official Journal n° 17, 25 April 1990)
This law regulates individual and collective work relationship between employees and employers, other than administrations, public institutions, organisms and collectivises.

This law defines workers’ rights and duties like trade-union, negotiation, strike and other social rights. On the other hand, duties linked to the work and its organization is evoked.
Individual relationships are ruled by the work contract between employer and employee, in which rights and duties of both parts are defined, and particularly those relating to the conditions of recruitment, wage payment, working hours, formation, and relationship modification or termination.

Collective relationships are defined in the collective convention whose signatories are the employer and the member of the unions. Collective conventions are adopted according to legal prescriptions and shall define employment and working conditions, in particular those which concern professional classification, wages and type of payment, mode of collective conflicts regulation as well as strike.

Penalties for infringements can be fines but also imprisonment.