Title Minister of the Interior’s Decision n°320, 2 August 1962, on the control of entry and exit from Lebanese border posts

Date of adoption



2 August 1962


Entry into force




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General provisions for the entry/exit and circulation of foreigners in Lebanon include no visa requirements for Jordanians and the Gulf Cooperation Council386.

Women from Indonesia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are not allowed to work as servants.

The entry of artists is submitted to the authorisation by the General Security Direction.


Such restrictions seem to be discriminatory against specific groups of foreign domestic workers. In fact, visas are not granted to females from Indonesia, Ghana and Sierra Leone to work as maids due to some domestic legislation in their home countries, forbidding them to work in this field. To receive a tourist visa, they need approval from the general directorate of the General Security prior to their travel. The Lebanese General Security website informs about the existence of decrees in both Indonesia and Sierra Leone which do not allow the women to emigrate to Lebanon to work as servants there387. The in principle discriminatory measure could be thus regarded as rather protective mechanism against the well-advertised violations of the rights of foreign domestic workers in the country.