Title Presidential Decree n°03-251 of 19 July 2003

Date of adoption



19 July 2003


Entry into force



20 July 2003

Text versions French


Official source: Official Journal of the Republic of Algeria 43 of 20 July 2003



Presidential Decree n°03-251 of 19 July 2003 (JORA n°43 of 20 July 2003) modifies Ordinance n°66-211 of 21 July 1966 relating to Foreign nationals condition in Algeria, and Decree n°66-212 of 21 July 1966 implementing Ordinance n°66-211. It introduces multiple entries consular visa, which is submitted to similar rules, since it is delivered by Algerian diplomatic and consular services. The residential Decree also inserts several visa categories: diplomatic visa, office visa, courtesy visa, press visa, tourism visa, business visa, studies, work or temporary work visa, family or medical visa, cultural visa and collective visa.