Title The Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt 2014

Date of adoption



January 15, 2014


Entry into force



January 15, 2014

Text versions English


Official source:Official Gazette No. 3 of 18 January 2014


The present Constitution repeals the Constitutional Declaration issued on the 5th of July 2013, the Constitutional Declaration issuedon the 8th of July 2013, and any constitutional texts or provisions mentioned in the Constitutionissued on 2012 but not covered by this constitutional document.


Article (6) Citizenship: “Citizenship is a right to anyone born to an Egyptian father or an Egyptian mother. Being legallyrecognized and obtaining official papers proving his personal data is a right guaranteed and organizedby law.”

Article (141): Conditions for candidacy: “A presidential candidate must be an Egyptian born to Egyptian parents, and neither he, his parents orhis spouse may have held other citizenship.”

Article (164): Conditions for candidacy “A person appointed to the position of Prime Minister or any other position in the government must bean Egyptian citizen of Egyptian parents, and he and his spouse may not have held the citizenship ofany other country, (…)”


Article (91): Asylum “The state shall grant political asylum to any foreigner who has been persecuted for defending the interests of peoples, human rights, peace or justice.

Extradition of political refugees is forbidden. All of the above is according to the law.”


Article (23) stipulates that Egyptian expatriates are to be associated in the progress of scientific research.

Article (62) states that freedom of movement, residence and emigration is guaranteed to citizens.

Article (88): “The State shall safeguard the interests of Egyptians living abroad, protect them and protect theirrights and freedoms, enable them to perform their public duties towards the State and society,and encourage their contribution to the development of the nation.”

Article (208) defines the mandate of the National Elections Commission, which includes “managing the procedures for out-of-country voting by expatriate Egyptians.”

Article (244): “The State shall endeavor that youth, Christians, persons with disability and Egyptians livingabroad be appropriately represented in the first House of Representatives to be elected after thisConstitution is approved, as regulated by law.”