Title The Constitution of Tunisia 2014

Date of adoption



26 January 2014


Entry into force



10 February, 2014

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Official source:Official Gazette, year 157,special issue of 10 February 2014


Articles of relevance to the issue of migration:


Article 24 Right to privacy: “(…)Every citizen has the right to choose their place of residence, to free movement within the country,and the right to leave the country.”

Article 25 Nationality: “No citizen shall be deprived of their nationality, exiled, extradited or prevented from returning totheir country.”

Article 26 Political asylum: “The right to political asylum shall be guaranteed as prescribed by law. It is prohibited to surrenderpersons who have been granted political asylum.”

Article 53 Candidacy: “Every Tunisian voter who has acquired Tunisian nationality at least ten years prior and is no youngerthan twenty three years of age on the day of candidacy is eligible to be elected to the Assembly of theRepresentatives of the People, provided that they are not prohibited from holding such a position asspecified by the law.”

Article 55 Elections: “(…) The election law guarantees the voting and representation rights to the Assembly of theRepresentatives of the People for Tunisians resident overseas.”

Article 74 Candidacy for the position of President: “Every male and female voter who holds Tunisian nationality since birth, whose religion is Islam shallhave the right to stand for election to the position of President of the Republic.

On the day of filing the application for candidacy, the candidate must be at least 35 years old.

If the candidate has a nationality other than the Tunisian nationality, he or she must submit anapplication committing to abandon the other nationality if elected president.”